About us


Our approach is built on integrity, trust and professionalism. To achieve the highest standards our clients expect of us we work closely as a team, mutually striving towards the same goals, in a collaborative but wholly focused style. This collaborative focus is real and practicable because Cedar Wealth’s senior advisers each have over 20 years industry experience; they have worked together for as many years and, individually, are co-owners of the business. This ensures that we are focused at all times only on what is best for our clients.


Protection through scale

To enable the one-on-one commitment to the individual client of a lean, focused financial advisory company, we have outsourced some of our back office systems which are, nonetheless, essential component parts of any regulated financial advice business. These comprise services such as compliance, systems, investment analysis and process.  We believe that utilising through partnership the scale and resources of a larger company for these essential services, serves to strengthen our offer by offering greater protection through increased scale and resources.

Planning & Continuity

Continuity in any business is vital, none more so than from the perspective of the client. Continuity can take many forms. For example, some of our clients developed what have become longstanding relationships, initially with senior advisers who retired before Cedar Wealth was established. These have been carefully managed through a transitional handover process to ensure the expectations of each client, covering those areas of expertise to the extent and depth he or she is used to, are seamlessly managed and met.


This consideration was a priority when we established Cedar Wealth, and it will continue to be so as we develop and grow